Friday, October 29, 2010

Turner Classic Movies "History of Hollywood" Tour

Busy Busy Busy.  

Back in Austin for just a little over a month and back out on the road again.  This time I have the pleasure of managing and photographing a fantastic tour for Turner Classic Movies called, "The History of Hollywood - Movies & Moguls" Tour.  Aesthetically it looks amazing, having been designed by the Image Management team at Turner.  It even comes complete with branded trucks featuring the revamped version of the old HOLLYWOOD sign (which incidentally we learned, used to read "HOLLYWOODLAND)."   

Promoting the seven part documentary series on TCM of the same name, we're set to visit five cities over the course of eight weeks - Atlanta, NYC, Denver, San Fran, & L.A.

I should finally reach Holiday Inn Priority Club gold level by the end of this one.  Yaaay!
(It's the little things that count.)

So far it's been fantastic and setting up at Grand Central Station in NYC in the middle of the night while it was empty was definitely one of those once in a lifetime experiences I'll always remember.


The acoustics in there were so phenomenal and I couldn't help but to sing a song. ;) 

We're also displaying some pretty incredible vintage movie relics including the Oscar from Casablanca (which incidentally is VERY heavy), Marilyn Monroe's red jacket from Niagara (which, despite her buxomy look, is extremely tiny), and the famous blue (now grey from fading) dress from Gone With the Wind (which was rented out as a Halloween costume for many many years after the film).  I get to dress the mannequins each day, with assistance (and security, of course), and thanks to some rather avid visitors who truly LOVE 'Gone with the Wind,' I now understand the true meaning of the term 'fanatic.'  After many years of managing these types of events, I still find people on occasion who fascinate and astound me.  They're the ones who keep things interesting. ;)  

Anyway, I should be back just in time for the holidays.

Happy trails as always!