Thursday, June 9, 2011


In L.A. now for about 2 weeks and loving it!

I've done so much and met so many fantastic people already!

There was the downtown rooftop barbeque with Derby at Jake & Chalsea's...

"Unnatural Disaster" Japan nuclear relief art show at an awesome warehouse near downtown:

A most amazing gathering in Venice affectionately coined the Cock Raiser to fund an art car at Burning Man featuring a giant neon rooster.

There were fire dancers...

A Burlesque Dancer...

...and more beautiful people than you can shake a stick at...

If this is a standard couple of weeks living in L.A., I think I'm finally home!
(Minus the $58 downtown parking ticket laying on the table right now. Eek.)

Anyway, I've been taking lots of event pix as always and been busy getting my portfolio straightened out a bit as well.

In celebration of my new move, I'm offering some special head shot rates to get things up and running here in L.A.

If you or anyone you know needs some great head shots at an amazingly awesome rate, feel free to give me a call anytime!

Next week i'll be in Nashville with Water = Hope on the Brad Paisley tour taking more pix.  Check back to my flickr to see them and more.

Until next time...
It's always an adventure and I try to always be grateful.

-Sasha Rae