Saturday, June 23, 2012

Yesterday I was so very fortunate to have been asked to join the league of photographers and press at Hillsborough Community College to document President Barack Obama's visit to Tampa.

Here are a couple of the images I made:

What an honor and a privilege.  Thank you Creative Loafing for a special day.   

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Come out and have your picture made at the Sasha Rae Photo Booth this Saturday evening 5-10pm during the "Carnival at the End of the World" event at "The Space " in St Pete! There will be all sorts of festivities as well including 3 bands, aerial acrobats, fire dancers, and tasty treats. 

For a preview of what the Sasha Rae Photo Booth photos look like, check out our last event at the St Pete shuffle Antiwarpt announcement party, 

Don't miss this event!  It promises to be fantastic!!   

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Henry Rollins, travel addict | Creative Loafing Tampa

I will be photographing Henry Rollins tonight in Clearwater for Creative Loafing Tampa.  Haven't seen Henry since I saw him last year in L.A. and have never had the opportunity to photograph him.  I'm excited!

I will be posting several of the out take images on my website at


So despite L Ron Hubbard's birthday and the ensuing traffic in Clearwater causing my tardiness and inability to capture a good shot at the show, I persevered & waited out a crowd of autograph seekers (all of whom he politely and thoughtfully chatted with one by one) in the hopes of grabbing a quick & dirty shot of Henry sans fans and commotion. We chatted about cameras for about a hot second while i made this picture up against the bus. He was uber polite but his face reminded me of a pit bull that could turn on you at any moment so I made it quick, shook his hand, and said goodnight. Thanks Creative Loafing and Henry Rollins.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bluebird Undercover!

Here at the Sasha Rae Photo Booth, we've been working on a special project along with the Bluebird Books Bus called 'Bluebird Undercover." This past Thursday evening, Philanthropic Young Tampa Bay (PYT) hosted a fabulous photo event for the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts at the Mermaid Tavern in Tampa featuring us along with Boxfotos and their kitschy cool airstream.
We had a blast making our wacky hyper-color images of attendees with their favorite books from the big blue bus. 
If you were there or know someone who was, I've got good news: The pix are live!

Click HERE to see the rest of the photos.

Please feel free to share the link with anyone else who may have been there and be sure to enter your photos into the Bluebird Undercover photo contest on the flickr group page.  
Winners will be chosen in April.

Thanks so much to everyone involved for making the night a great success!

If you're interested in renting the Sasha Rae Photo Booth for your next event, feel free to contact us at:

Thursday, February 9, 2012

bluebird books: Bluebird Undercover: Debuting Feb. 9

Bluebird Books and the Sasha Rae Photo Booth together tonight at the Mermaid Tavern in Tampa for the debut of Bluebird Undercover!

At Bluebird, we've always got our face in a book. Get your own nose between the covers and show the world that you love reading too. Bluebi...

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Monsters of Mobile Art! Art to Check Out Thursday « Art at Bay

The Monsters of Mobile Art! Art to Check Out Thursday « Art at Bay

Come out and have a colorful picture like the one below made at the Sasha Rae Photo Booth alongside the Bluebird Books Bus and Boxfotos tomorrow night at Mermaid Tavern in Tampa!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Shanna Gillette

Please please please, if you've ever admired my photographs, take a moment to vote for me for the people's choice award in this photo contest! The potential awards could help me substantially as a Photographer! Thank you!! Shanna Gillette

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