Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Want to make some easy moolah? Of course you do. Why wouldn't you? And when I say easy I do mean easy.

All's ya gotta do is make a simple referral and I will give you a 20% cut of what I make. You can make anywhere from $50 to $1,000 (or even more) for each job I book by way of your referral.

Too good to be true? Nope. I speak the truth, only the truth and, yes, nothing but the truth.

It's quite simple, really.

A typical scenario:
  • Pierre owns a lovely Bistro.
  • Pierre hasn't updated his photos since the Bush Administration (Bush Sr. that is).
  • Pierre is informed by you that Shanna specializes in restaurant/food photography.
  • Pierre and Shanna come to an agreement, Shanna shoots. 

  • Pierre pays Shanna $1,000. Shanna pays YOU $200.
  • Pierre loves his new photos (and the resulting increase in business).
  • After buying $199 worth of Mentos, you still have a dollar left for the meter (don't let those a-holes ticket you). 

Another plausible course of events:
  • Your cousin Jenny is planning her 21st birthday bash.
  • Aunt Karen learns thru you that Shanna's Photo Booth is #1 in the multiverse (this is factually true).
  • Auntie Karen hires Shanna (mostly in hopes that the photo booth will keep her "little Jenny" away from the beer bong/Jell-O shot station).
  • Hilarity ensues.

  • Aunt Karen pays Shanna $750, Shanna pays YOU $150.
  • You spend $4.99 on Excedrin (after swearing to never do Jell-O shots again. Ever. Never).
  • You still have $145.01 left.
  • You are happy. Very happy.

 One last, and most lucrative, example:
  • Your BFF Tessa is planning her wedding.
  • You connect Tessa and Shanna.
  • Yadda, Yadda, Yadda...

  • Tessa's dad pays Shanna $3,000. YOU SCORE $600 George Washingtons (and no, they won't come in singles, you naughty you).
  • You finally have enough $ to buy that ferret you always wanted...and you name him "Shannito" in gratitude.

So, how 'bout that?  A system of trickle-down economics that actually trickles down. Astounding, I know.  Just thank me with some of those Mentos later.

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P.S. Shanna does, on occasion, photograph people too...all types, including rockstars, actors, artists, etc...even the President.  For more of that, check PEOPLE and MUSIC.

Fine Print: 

You knew there had to be a catch, right?  Well, you knew wrong cuz there's no catch.  Only cash.

However, there are a few points worth clarifying:

1.) You make money when Shanna makes money.  This means that Shanna will pay you as soon as she gets paid and by 'as soon as', we do mean right away. Not before.  Duh.

2.) The examples/prices above are meant to illustrate potential scenarios only. Prices may vary widely depending on a myriad of factors including, but not limited to, shooting and editing time, lighting requirements, and image usage (but you already knew that).

3.) Shanna is based in Los Angeles so, please keep that in mind when referring potential jobs. If there's an airplane and/or a road trip involved, per diem & Cheetos money will need to be factored in. (but you already knew that too). 

Shannito says thanks.