Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Website revamp!

So I'm working on a total website overhaul as my work has progressed significantly since the Sasha Rae Photo website was initially created. I appreciate your patience as I sit at coffee shops throughout Austin sifting thru the thousands of pix I've taken over the years to choose & edit the bests of the bests, in addition to (still) sorting thru the hundreds of pix I took over the summer on the Lilith Tour.  In the meantime, my current work is here:


I've been shooting lots of fun stuff lately, including my recent trip to NYC where, among other things, I was lucky enough to be able to assist my friend, Photographer David Bergman at a Jets game at the New Meadowlands Stadium in NJ for Sports Illustrated.

It was awesome being on the sidelines (minus getting hit in the head by a cheerleader's pom pom;) and meeting so many amazing veteran Photogs.

In addition to his work with Sports Illustrated, David is Jon Bon Jovi's tour Photographer and also runs TourPhotographer.Com, an awesome site allowing fans to purchase high-quality licensed pix like the one below from the concerts they attend.

The "F Stoppers" recently made a fantastic 10 min video documenting David's fun life as a music & sports Photographer.  Check it out here: F Stoppers / David Bergman

Equally as interesting was my introduction through my old friend, fellow Photographer Aaron Edwards, to the Bushwick Boat -

A ship docked in a canal in Brooklyn currently being used as a residence for nine people.

I've seen some cool houses and lofts over the years but this was most definitely the most unique living situation I've ever encountered.

Check out the rest of the Bushwick boat pix HERE.

I was also fortunate enough to be able to shoot Brooklyn band, The 45 Adapters.

Great band and a great bunch of guys too!

Uber thanks to Dave for the guided tour of Brooklyn on day 1 and to Dave, Amanda, Rachel, and my long lost GodFather "Uncle Flip," for the great hospitality.

Last but certainly not least, this post is dedicated to "Guruth."  In the very short time I got to spend with her, she was truly one of the most amazing human beings I've maybe ever met.  I can only hope in the end to have had a life even a smidgen as magical as hers was.  I'm sure she will be missed by so many but she is back with the stars where she truly belongs.  ♥

Until next time NY...

Much Love as always... <3

-Sasha Rae
(The Artist formerly known as Shanna)

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lilith Tour

So I was fortunate enough to be able to spend the summer on tour w/ Lilith.  It was such an amazing experience.  It's been a bit crazy trying to catch up with life since I've been back and I'm just now really starting to be able to dive into the hundreds of images I took. Rather than post them all at once, I thought I would just start posting some of my favorites (along with a few great memories to go along with them).

Thanks to the EVERYONE on the Lilith tour for making this one of my best summers ever!

You can find all my Lilith pix (which I will be updating regularly) at:

Here's a few of my faves:

Sarah, aka "The Boss" ;)

Erykah Badu, who I was fortunate enough to be able to meet and share a very brief conversation with.
I met Lots of great musicians on this tour and shared lots of great conversations but I think everyone, even the biggest artist, has that one musician or artist they're just kind of ga-ga over.  I'm a huge fan of Erykah's and actually even cover one of her songs with my band here in Austin, Hot Sauce ATX (Oops, personal plug;), so meeting her was definitely super cool for me!

So, I had never heard Grace Potter & the Nocturnals before this tour but they came out like a bolt of lightning, snapping everyone within earshot of the "B Stage" to attention and gathering such an enormous crowd in every city that she was eventually moved to the main stage. Holy Moly, i can't say enough about her and her band.  They were phenomenal.  I guarantee they are destined for more big things.  If you haven't heard them, give a listen or better yet, catch them live somewhere.  They'll rock your pants.

Each night during the finale,' Sarah would bring all the Artists of the day up onto the stage to join her in an ever changing version of the classic "Because the Night."  On this night, she was joined by, among others, The Bangles, (who also put on a great show of their own, of course) and all eyes were on them.

Lastly, here's a fun one I made of our bus (Bus 8!).  Special shout out to Pema for the decorations. ;)

Thanks to everyone who kept up with me and my travels via facebook.  It was nice to feel the love and support on those long crazy days!

More pix coming soon!

See all Lilith Tour pix at:


(aka - 'Sasha Rae')