Friday, February 11, 2011

The Red Queen

Illustrator / Graphic Designer, Robin Eagleton and I recently collaborated on a shoot we've been referring to as the 'Red Queen.'  I'm currently showing a piece from it at Red Table Coffee on South Congress in Austin.   

We had a lot of fun making these both with make-up and costumes.  I was really impressed at Rob's ability to translate his drawing skills to make-up on a real person.  I'm not sure if we even knew exactly what we were going for when we started but it all came together well.
In addition, it was of course, challenging and fun for me to work from both sides of the lens.

We also put together some new head shots so as to test out my new studio lighting set-up.  The results made me pretty excited to try it out with some new clients too.


Want to get on the list?  I'm offering great rates right now as I re-establish my clientele here in Austin.  We also offer full comp card design and a list of legitimate, reputable local agencies to send yours off to.  Feel free to call or write for a quote!

As Rob's Dad said, "You made him look better in the picture than he looks in real life."


Sasha Rae


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