Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Limited edition prints

By request, Sasha Rae PhotoLocal Flavor Productions are now offering these fun colorful images as limited edition framed prints. 

Kitsch for the kitchen!! 

5x7 - $10
8.5x11 - $20
Canvas 12x16 or 14x14 - $50

Contact me at sasharaeproductions@gmail.com to order.

And check out http://localflavorproductions.com/ 
for the story on Local Flavor Productions.

In addition to the Local Flavor Productions work, it's been a busy couple of months shooting for Creative Loafing among other things...

I had the great pleasure of shooting Mitzi Gordon and her Bluebird Books Bus not long ago.

CL ran a piece featuring one of the pix HERE.

I had another fun shoot with some jazz royalty at the recently re-opened Manhattan Casino in St Petersburg, FL.

I got my fifth cover for CL featuring a shot from the ongoing coverage of the infamous Occupy assemblies...

now happening around the world...

I got to stand on the tarmac underneath a 747,

Shoot (and eat!) lots of tasty food,

Hang out with a giant octopus made out of legos,

And I finished out the month by traveling back to Austin, TX this past weekend to shoot the gorgeous Zivkovich/Baar wedding.

Last but sooo not least, I got to shoot and meet (again) my most favoritist band in the whole world, Little Dragon.

It's been a pretty grand month.

I'll be spending the next couple weeks editing, lining up more gigs, and hopefully playing some music as well.

Things just keep getting better. Dig it.

Are you in need of some cool, colorful Sasha Rae style photos?

My rates are very reasonable, I love to travel, and I can work within your budget.

Feel free to contact me at: sasharaeproductions@gmail.com

&/or check out the Sasha Rae Photo Facebook page HERE.

(aka Sasha Rae)

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