Saturday, March 10, 2012

Henry Rollins, travel addict | Creative Loafing Tampa

I will be photographing Henry Rollins tonight in Clearwater for Creative Loafing Tampa.  Haven't seen Henry since I saw him last year in L.A. and have never had the opportunity to photograph him.  I'm excited!

I will be posting several of the out take images on my website at


So despite L Ron Hubbard's birthday and the ensuing traffic in Clearwater causing my tardiness and inability to capture a good shot at the show, I persevered & waited out a crowd of autograph seekers (all of whom he politely and thoughtfully chatted with one by one) in the hopes of grabbing a quick & dirty shot of Henry sans fans and commotion. We chatted about cameras for about a hot second while i made this picture up against the bus. He was uber polite but his face reminded me of a pit bull that could turn on you at any moment so I made it quick, shook his hand, and said goodnight. Thanks Creative Loafing and Henry Rollins.

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