Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I'm back in L.A.!

Hey All!

Somehow I ended up back in Los Angeles again and my schedule is filling up quick.  If you need head shots, family portraits, food photography, or the like, I will be between here and San Francisco for the next couple weeks only, then back to FL for some August gigs.  Call now to schedule a session while I still have appointments available!

In the meantime, check out some of the work i've been doing over the last few days.

I did some head shots with Gabriela and Lawrence...

And some fun shots downtown with Actor, Barak Hardley!

I've also met some of the most amazing people here and despite the traffic, I'm falling in love with L.A. all over again. ;)  We'll see what the future holds...


I'm in the process of rebranding so bear with me as we make the transition from 'Sasha Rae Photo' to 'Photography by Shanna Gillette.'  Brand new shiny website coming soon!  Thanks for your patience!    

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